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This is where you make your business sing. It's your music. It's your world. We are the outstanding most comprehensive source for jingles, vocals and music production.

The Jingle Masters is the top jingle, vocal, songwriting and music production agency nationwide, with over 30 years plus experience in the entertainment business. The Jingle Masters is an elite force in  music, radio, television, and film having supplied productions for Universal, Warner Bros, Disney, Interscope, FOX and more.

Our team of vocalists, writers, musicians and composers include national award winners bringing only their “A” game to ensure your branding meets the specific needs of your business, company or organization.

With platinum pipes and skillful abilities our voice artists are the Top Choice for all popular genres of music, including Pop, R&B, Dance, EDM, Christian, Gospel, and more. Let The Jingle Masters provide you with custom, quality, full music production branding that will get your business the attention it deserves giving you exactly what’s needed to build and reinforce your brand!


Jingles or Music Branding is the fastest, most effective way to brand your business. Every brand needs to be bold and stand out from its competitors.  Slogans or tag lines need to be only few words partnered with a memorable hook. Hook, line and sinker. You have your listeners remembering your business.  Just a simple line sung can burn your brand into the memory of listeners forever. I still remember a radio commercial from over 20 years ago advertising a city shopping center and I remember every word. I will never forget it although the center is no longer in existence.

 Great Jingles are like hit songs. You can’t forget even if you wanted to. We deliver stand out bold jingles with memorable hooks and everybody will be singing your tune.

 At The Jingle Masters we are affordable working within your budget without compromising the quality of your production. We are great at what we do because we love what we do and we do it with passion, treating every project as if it were our own, making the deadline in excellence!


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